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The starting point for curatorial, artistic and designing activities of Studio Izabela Bołoz is man and his behavior in space. The works, activities and projects created by the studio engage the user at every stage, regardless of whether it is an exhibition, an arranged space or a newly created product.

The studio, led by Izabela Bołoz, skilfully combines art, architecture and design, showing how much these areas intertwine and how important a common point of these activities is man and his reaction to the space in which he resides. They often show unobvious solutions in places requiring artistic intervention, thanks to which they take on a new breath, come to life, provoke interaction and new ways of experiencing

Izabela Bołoz

Based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Izabela Bołoz is a Polish artist and designer. She studied social science in Wroclaw and Zurich before moving on to study design at Kingston University and Design Academy Eindhoven.

In 2011, she established her own studio in the Netherlands. Clients include cultural institutions, local governments and international brands. Her projects are as diverse as her background, ranging from installations in public space, to functional objects and curation of exhibitions. She is currently a lecturer at the Technical University Eindhoven; she taught at the School of Form in Poznan and Design Academy Eindhoven.

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