Painter’s Playground
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Painter’s Playground

Painter’s Playground

An intuitive play with art

The Painter’s Playground is located on an outdoor terrace in Warsaw and designed to encourage creative and intuitive play with art.

A characteristic, central point of this art playground is a gigantic, yellow bucket from which paint is being poured. The blue paint spill coming out of the bucket is also a slide for children. The handle of the bucket acts as a tube to pull up and twist, while its bottom is a climbing wall.

Functions embedded in the form

A brush is also part of the art playground, as if abandoned by a painter – a giant who did not finish his work. The brush is a place to sit and relax for adults, while children are inspired to partake in a variety of fun – jumping, rolling, hiding. Blue blots with painted numbers are an unconventional interpretation of hopscotch.

Custom made

If you are interested in our custom playgrounds, please contact us:

date: 2019

place: Młociny Shopping Centre, Warsaw

client: Your Art Maison Gallery & Galeria Młociny