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About Rain-a-way

Rain-a-way (PL: Deszcz-o-bieg) is an interactive water play installation that invites us to explore the possibilities of utilizing rainwater and practicing responsible water management in urban areas.

In this installation, water, partially sourced from rain, gracefully flows through metal structures, creating water landscapes, curves, and waterfalls. Its journey begins and ends in a recycled container, creating a closed circle. Through Rain-a-way, we embark on a journey that deepens our understanding of the significance of water in cities and highlights responsible approaches to its usage.

The Rain-a-way art installation serves multiple purposes. It provides an opportunity for interaction and play, educates visitors about climate challenges related to water resources and urban drought, collects rainwater to promote its extended use, serves as a visually captivating centerpiece, enlivens and activates the outdoor space, and, through the use of recycled materials, promotes sustainable design practices.

Exhibition and Educational Cycle

Thanks to the exhibition, which is an integral part of the water play installation, visitors have the opportunity to acquire essential knowledge about rainwater collection methods and the interconnectedness of water with the urban ecosystem.

Accompanying the installation is an educational program featuring a series of guided walks focused on plants and water. This immersive experience was eagerly awaited by thousands of tourists, residents, and sunbathers in front of the Gdynia City Museum.
The project was executed by Studio Boloz in collaboration with the PUSZKA Foundation, while the Gdynia City Museum served as an official partner of the project. It received financial backing as a result of its success in an open competition aimed at promoting exemplary design practices in Gdynia in 2023.



date: 2023

place: Gdynia City Muzeum

client: City of Gdynia; collaboration with Fundacja Puszka