Play sculptures and playground design
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Play sculptures and playground design

Play sculptures and playground design

Playful public spaces

According to George Bernard Shaw “We don’t stop playing because we grow old… we grow old because we stop playing”. This is true for public spaces more than for any other kind of place. Elements that throw us out of our regular routine, evoke a smile and change our perspective even just for a few minutes; all these contribute to our positive experience of a place, create good memories, relax us and make bonding with other people easier.

Designing play sculptures and playgrounds

We see creating play sculptures and playground design as a great opportunity to create something unique, beautiful, and engaging. Our play sculptures are open-ended, provide endless possibilities for creative play and encourage kids and adults alike to explore different ways of use.

Playground safety

Safety is of key importance in public spaces which are used by all age groups – from small children to the elderly – and we strive to make our projects as safe as possible. We take into account all existing norms and safety standards and use only non-toxic, non-flammable materials. Playgrounds and installations dedicated to children are designed in line with European Standards for playground equipment (EN 1176) and receive a safety certificate issued by an official institution.