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  1. Seller shall be liable to the client who is a consumer for physical or legal defects of the goods purchased by the customer, to the extent specified in the civil code.
  2. For the avoidance of doubt, it is concluded that none of the provisions of these regulations does not limit the powers vested with the consumer pursuant to the provisions in force in the republic of poland. In the event that there is provision of this nature there are applicable legislation in force in the polish law, in particular the civil code.
  3. In the case of defects of the goods, the customer has the right to lodge a complaint within the period specified in the civil code.
  4. The basis of the complaint can be in particular the supply of goods which :
  5. Does not have characteristics that this kind of thing should be to the purpose of the agreement marked or resulting from circumstances or destination.
  6. Does not have characteristics, of which existence the seller has provided the client, including presenting a sample or model.
  7. Is not suitable for the purpose for which the customer has informed the seller upon conclusion of the contract, and the seller did not raise objections to that.
  8. the goods were released in incomplete state.
  9. In the case of an individual reconciliation properties of consumer goods it shall be presumed that it is compatible with the agreement, if it matches the description given by the seller or has shown characteristics of the sample or pattern, and when suitable for the purpose specified by the customer at the conclusion of the contract, unless the seller reported objections to such a purpose of goods.
  10. Seller is not responsible for the physical defect of things, in case when the customer knew at the time of conclusion of the non-compliance.
  11. If the sold product has a defect, the client may make a statement of the request for a price reduction or withdrawal from the purchase agreement unless seller promptly and without undue inconvenience to the customer shall replace the defective product free of defects or remove the defect. This limitation does not apply if the product has already been replaced or repaired by the seller or the seller did not satisfy the obligation to exchange the goods free of defects and defect removal. Reduced price should be in the same proportion to the price of the goods in which the value of the goods from the drawback is the value of the goods without defects. The customer can withdraw from the purchase agreement if the defect is irrelevant.
  12. If the customer is a consumer, it may instead proposed to remove a defect by the seller (as provided above) ,require the replacement of the product free from defects or instead replace the goods to request the removal of defects, unless the supply of goods for compliance with the purchase agreement in a manner chosen by the customer is not possible or require excessive costs in comparison with the method proposed by the seller. When assessing these costs are taken into account the value of the goods free from defects, the nature and the importance of the defect, and also takes into account the inconvenience to which would subject the customer otherwise meet.
  13. If  among sold goods only some are defective and they can be removed from the goods free of defects, without damage to both sides, the right customer to cancel the contract is limited to defective goods.
  14. If the sold product has a defect, the customer may request replacement of the product free from defects or defect removal. The seller is obliged to replace the defective product free of defects or rectify the defect within a reasonable time without undue inconvenience to the customer. Seller may refuse to redress customer request, if brought into conformity with the agreement of sale of goods defective in a manner chosen by the customer is not possible, or in comparison with other possible way to bring about compliance with the purchase agreement would require excessive costs. If the buyer is an entrepreneur, the seller may refuse to exchange things free from defects or defect removal even if the costs of compensation that obligation exceeds the price of the goods.
  15. The free repair and replacement within the meaning of section 9 it means that the seller has the obligation to reimburse costs incurred by the customer, in particular the costs of dismantling, delivery, labor, materials and re-installation and commissioning.
  16. In order to exercise the right to lodge a complaint, please fill out the complaint or file a claim in a different form provided for by law, and send it along with the goods advertised and, if possible, with proof of purchase (receipt or invoice) to the following address: Izabela Boloz with its registered office in Eindhoven, Jan Luikenstraat 34, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs under the tax identification number NL002499517B78, KVK: 54060982.The complaint form customer indicates, among others, their expectations as to how the further implementation of the complaint by the seller.
  17. Seller reserves the right to 14 days’ complaint of receipt of the goods from the customer. If the seller, who received from the customer request referred to in point. 9) did not respond to this request within 14 days, it is believed that found them to be justified.
  18. Seller is responsible for defects of the goods only if its findings before the expiry of two years from the date of the goods to the customer. This period runs again when replacing the goods.
  19. Claims of the customer specified in point. 9) expire after one year of the finding by the client incompatibility of consumer goods with the contract.
  20. In the case of a sale not constituting consumer sales excludes the provisions contained in articles 556-576 of the civil code.