The stairway is an urban sculpture for the modern equivalent of a town square in the middle of the urbanized environment of the Vesterbro district in Copenhagen city. Commissioned by Metro Copenhagen for the Byens Hegn – Cool Construction city project, Stairway provides a meeting place for families and a hangout for the elderly by day as well as a skating rink for the local youth by evening. The oversized stairs have a cool modern yet unrealistic look and feel in the urban environment, inviting neighbors to share their stories, rest, and make it their own.



The urban sculpture Stairway resembles nothing so much as a surrealistic staircase. The azure blue stairs start on ground level and gradually lead upwards, onto the wall. On top of the wall, a door leads to an imaginary space. It cannot be physically entered but it allows the visitor to dream and imagine. In line with previous works by Izabela Bołoz, art and functionality go hand in hand. In Stairway the human dimension is most important, incorporating the various functions needed in an urban meeting spot.