Rental for events


We treat ecology very seriously, that’s why we are trying to create sustainable design products. In the process, we came up with an idea for a furniture rental service. We are offering event furniture for your trade show, festival, or gathering or just for your home to try. Hire the best quality design online. We will take care of the delivery and setup. 

Selected (public) furniture from our collection can also be rented for events or temporary projects. The collection Intersections is created with a modular system of geometric shapes that can be freely rearranged. Each element slides into the other creating an interwave-like pattern of color and form.

The modular elements are perfect for use on all types of events. Multipurpose, adaptable furniture allows you to build and change the set-up for different occasions.

Public space projects, indoor and outdoor festivals, and temporary retail projects can now be arranged effortlessly at a low cost.

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