Rental for events


Our times require a responsible approach towards design and sustainable material use. Durability is extremely important in public spaces where weather conditions and heavy usage in busy places causes materials to age faster than indoors. We take a lot of care to use high quality materials that can last decades, age well, and have a smaller environmental impact. Our projects can be refurbished and eventually recycled or upcycled and many have a modular construction and can be used multiple times.

We also offer temporary solutions and projects that allow for easy disassembly. This includes project rental, a way to minimize the use of resources and extend the life of our products.

The collection Intersections was created with a modular system of geometric shapes that can be freely rearranged. Each element slides into the other, creating an interwave-like pattern of color and form. The modular elements are perfect for use at all types of events. Multipurpose, adaptable furniture allows you to build and change the set-up for different occasions such as festivals, trade shows and gatherings. Public space projects, indoor and outdoor festivals, and temporary retail projects can now be arranged effortlessly at low cost. We will take care of the delivery and setup.