Project rental
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Project rental

Project rental

A sustainable approach

Our times require a responsible approach towards design and sustainable material use. This is the main reason why we offer temporary solutions and projects that allow for easy disassembly. This includes project rental, a way to minimize the use of resources and extend the life of our products.

Lease solutions

Right now we offer two projects for lease: Urban Rooms and Intersections. The collection Urban Rooms can be easily assembled and disassembled. The collection Intersections is created with a modular system of geometric shapes that can be freely rearranged. Each element slides into the other, creating an interwave-like pattern of color and form.

Temporary projects and events

The modular elements are great for use at all types of temporary projects and events, such as outdoor exhibition rental, outdoor festival rental, prototyping city solutions, retails projects or trade shows. Multipurpose, adaptable furniture allows you to easily build and change the set-up for different occasions.