Designing public furniture

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We create artsy urban furniture and installations, designed to speak and express emotions. The projects go beyond the ordinary and are often designed or adjusted specially to a given location, taking into account the surrounding landscape and desired functionality. We enjoy designing artistic and playful spatial compositions allowing for versatile ways of use.

Our works create open-ended, friendly, and uplifting meeting spaces, which draw in and captivate people for all sorts of activities. Thanks to different shapes, visitors feel encouraged to explore different uses of the installations. It takes no more than 5 minutes for busy professionals, inner-city dwellers, or pensioners to start intuitively enjoying the many relaxing positions that the furniture offers in a public space. The functions naturally intersect with each other, creating a unique interaction between users, spaces, and objects. 

The geometric forms and uplifting colors create appealing spaces for amateur and professional photoshoots, our public furniture often becomes a ‘postcard’ location in public space. Thanks to simple shapes and vivid colors, it is a great base to create any story with photography or film. Whether it is a park, public square in a city center, our public works create unique spaces for visitors.

We take care of the entire process – from designing the works, throughout prototyping and choosing production techniques, to production and installation.