Designing public furniture

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Public spaces belong to everyone, and their design and the objects we place within them strongly influence how people use them, what they do there and how they feel and interact with each other. Great public spaces are zones where people can flourish and where health, happiness and well-being is promoted. They have the power to transform the whole environment. They not only provide people – residents and tourists – with friendly places to live, work, relax, engage in social and cultural meetings, recreation etc., but they also affect the economic success of the area.




The projects are customized in order to best match a given location, the surrounding landscape and desired functionality. They create a unique interaction between users, spaces, and objects. We take care of the entire process – from designing, prototyping and choosing production techniques through to production, installation, and maintenance.

Designing public spaces is so much more than simply creating objects to sit on. We design solutions that take into account the needs of users, clients and stakeholders. Our installations go beyond “urban furniture”, and create multi-functional landscapes which become successful spots for play, social gatherings, sports, group meetings, or simply waiting or contemplating. They encourage family gatherings, meeting people, and spending valuable time together.