When education lasts a lifetime


Learning is a fascinating phenomenon, perhaps even crucial in our lives. Children put a lot of enthusiasm into them. The assimilation of knowledge about the world is a bottomless well from which the young mind can draw again and again. But what if we look at life as a continuous learning process that does not end at a certain age? The exhibition “What if the education lasts a lifetime” shows projects that contradict traditional models of knowledge transfer. The presented works concern the possibility of changes in the educational solutions adopted so far, they propose new forms of learning and teaching and show innovative initiatives adapted to social changes. Contemporary education faces new challenges related to the future.

Therefore, teaching more and more often concerns new subject areas, for example, the skillful use of data, searching for and verifying information, caring for sustainable development, technological skills, and many others. In order to meet the needs and integration of future and present generations, it is also important to recognize the value of soft skills. Building knowledge about awareness of your own emotions, teamwork, communication, intercultural awareness, or understanding for otherness is extremely valuable. We need the evolution and adaptation of alternative learning methods that develop us in order to continue to grow and learn at all ages.