Playful kids space


Multifunctional modular forms that can be adjusted to all of the kids’ ideas!

Wooden climbing wall, outdoor play space set, or platform in the colorful modern chill zone? You got this! Tetris style, adjustable furniture with many possibilities. Suitable for any type of kids’ room design, from Montessori or Waldorf style bedrooms to modern minimalistic kindergartens. Intersections™ are made with ecologically conscious materials that will last a lifetime and can grow with your children.

Children are truly in love with Intersections and claim them as their personal playground. They find the colorful installation really appealing. The joy of watching them climb up and through the elements is truly priceless.The work is very open and provides endless possibilities for creative play. Everything is up to the child’s imagination. All of that makes Intersections a perfect solution for children-friendly spaces.