Curating exhibitions

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Exhibitions can challenge us to reflect on issues, give us more in-depth knowledge on a subject and see things from a different point of view. They create a unique and immersive experience in the physical space, where we absorb information through more than just our eyes and a story unfolds.

For us, curating and producing exhibitions means combining these two layers – a layer of information, and an immersive experience in space. As a studio, we really enjoy this medium to tell stories about subjects that are important, to reflect on society and ourselves. It’s a great pleasure to research and investigate ideas, invite participants and collaborators, analyze and process information, and finally manifest it to an audience in an engaging, clear and memorable way. The content and form go hand in hand, creating an enriching and insightful experience.

The exhibitions curated by Studio Boloz often talk about current, important societal subjects and invite the visitors to question and contemplate. We are able to comprehensively realize exhibitions and offer concept generation and creative direction, curation of the exhibition, design of the scenography, and production. We are able to realize both urban and indoor exhibitions and design the right solutions.