Geometric Garden
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Geometric Garden

Geometric Garden

An abstract garden

Geometric Gardens is a creative playground installation that was made to stir the children’s imagination, providing diverse opportunities for creative play. The work references traditional playgrounds created from steel pipes but at the same time has a contemporary appearance. The emphasis is on the natural environment, created both by the round shape of the structure as well as the shades of green. It resembles an abstract garden.

Platforms and climbers

This artistic playground structure is made up of by 22 poles from powder coated galvanized steel and consists of a raised platform and climbers. This platform can be reached by climbing up the basic elements and creates a space to play. Children can go back to the ground by sliding on bent sliding pipes. Beneath the platform is a cozy, shaded space in which children can run and hide, consisting of small square shelters. The ground plan is a circle (6 meter diameter) with connecting basic geometric shapes. The flat elements have perforated patterns, creating a game of light and shadows.


If you are interested in this art playground, please contact us!