Play installations
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Play installations

Play installations

About Intersections

We are happy to introduce – Intersections. Public installations where conversation and fun come together. Intersections are created with a modular system of geometric shapes that can be freely rearranged. Each element slides into the other creating an interwave-like pattern of color and form. These geometric installations provide versatile functionality for both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Artistic Playground Structures

Children are truly in love with Intersections and claim them as their personal playground. They find the artistic playground structures play installation really appealing. The joy of watching them climb up and through the elements is truly priceless. The work is very open and provides endless possibilities for creative play. Everything is up to a child’s imagination.

For indoor and outdoor

Modular play installations can be used outside and inside. Geometric forms create an open-ended, rich play environment. All of that makes Intersections a great play sculpture and a perfect solution for children-friendly spaces.


Please contact us at if you are interested in creating a play sculpture for children with the Intersections collection. We will gladly provide more information and help you to create a unique installation.