Shadow City
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Shadow City

Shadow City

Sunlight and shadows are the materials in this public art installation in the picturesque district of Østerbro in Copenhagen. With a series of 52 iconographics that cast their shadows onto a 100 meter wall on the lake, Shadow City comes alive with the rising sun as the shadows travel across the wall. A playful image of a city appears, inspired by the history of Copenhagen, and changes as it slowly moves across the wall with the changing position of the sun.

Shadow City reveals the artist’s fascination with the passing of time. The installation introduces an element of surprise and intrigue, inviting the passers-by to observe the changing details in our surroundings. As inhabitants of Copenhagen pass over the pedestrian bridge on their way to school, work or play, they will see the image of the city slowly travel across the wall, changing with every hour and every season.

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date: 2013

place: Copenhagen, Denmark

client: Metro Copenhagen